The Church’s Communications Team has several areas of responsibility which deal with how the Church communicates and is perceived by the wider community. In particular, these are:

  • Maintaining the Church’s online presence, including the website and social media services.
  • Maintaining and managing a range of tools which allow better communication and collaboration within the Church.
  • Ensuring the consistency and quality of materials produced on behalf of the Church.
  • Making sure that people within the Church have the tools and skills to communicate effectively, including both publishing their message and in one-to-one contact with others.

Contact the Team

You can easily contact the Communications Team to tell us about what you’re doing, ask for help, ask any questions, share ideas or just to say hello by emailing [email protected].

Tell us about an event

You can easily tell us about an upcoming event you’d like us to publicise – either email us or use our handy form.


Style guide

A guide to designing and writing for the Church, offering advice on things such as typefaces, logo placements and writing style.


Logos for the Church, Community Centre and various projects.

Document & poster templates

Templates which help you quickly create documents and posters which follow the Church’s guidelines.

Image bank

A collection of photographs of the Church and people, for you to use in your documents.

If you have images you would like us to add to the Image Bank, please contact the Communications Team.

Signage gallery

Ready-to-print signage for various situations.


The Comms Team looks after and recommends a set of tools to help you get things done in the Church.

See the Toolkit for more.