The Communications Team looks after a range of tools to help you get things done.

If you need access to any of these tools, help to understand what they can be used for and how they might benefit you, or advice on choosing the best tool for the job then please contact the Communications Team.

Style Guide

Our guide to writing and designing for the Church.

G Suite

The Church subscribes to G Suite, which offers a range of tools including email, document storage and calendar.


ChurchSuite is our central, canonical source of information for people, events and bookings in the Church.

Many other things around the Church are driven by the information in ChurchSuite, including things like the Church’s website. Making sure that information is correct in ChurchSuite will automatically update these other things, keeping everything consistent and reducing workload.

Process Street

An online process management tool which can help you document a process and make sure it’s followed correctly.

Documenting and sharing processes can help make sure things don’t rely on one person, as well as creating an auditable trail.


AirTable is an online database which can be used to quickly store structured information in a variety of ways.

Accessibility Toolkit

Techniques and tools which can help you make your content more accessible.