During the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the Church has put together a small group responsible for overseeing decisions whilst the full PCC is unable to meet. This group is made up of members of the Church’s Standing Committee, PCC and other invited members and meets regularly via videoconference to discuss matters of concern.

Regular items of discussion include the Church’s response to Coronavirus, our approach to the closure and reopening of both the church building and the Community Centre, updates on the Church’s finances, and updates on our various channels for sharing worship and communicating with people.

If you want to reach the Coronavirus management team with concerns, comments or anything else you can use any of the details on our contact page.

Members of this group are:

  • Alistair Hezel
  • Giles Taylor
  • Glenn Middleditch
  • James Black
  • Janet Blenkinsop
  • Lesley Hughes
  • Matthew Peat
  • Melvin Herring
  • Nick Jackson
  • Sue Middleditch