At this time, when we are unable to join together in the church, we thought it might be good to create a focus in our homes as we come to the climax of Holy Week.

We have created several Easter Gardens which we hope might be an inspiration for you to create your own, which can be used on Maundy Thursday and adapted and added to on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 

We will start with a garden on Maundy Thursday (to represent the Garden of Gethsemane), the sealed tomb and crosses can be added on Good Friday and finally the stone is rolled away for Easter Sunday.

There are lots of ideas on how to create different Easter gardens online, but we have included photos of what we’ve been up to. Our hope is that something can be created with the different things you may find at home.

The first one shows a traditional Easter Garden, using plants and soil from the garden, a small plant pot for the tomb, and twigs bound together with string.

The second shows an Easter Garden made on a Tupperware lid with an egg box tomb and lollipop stick crosses. Plants have been made with paper and catalogue clippings and everything was held down with Blu Tack.

The final garden has just been drawn on a piece of paper, the tomb and crosses made from cardboard (from the recycling). Our picture is in colour but if all you have is a pen or pencil it doesn’t have to be colour. The cardboard can be simply placed on the picture as we move through the days or stuck with glue or Sellotape if you are hanging the picture up.

Obviously, these are only ideas to help you and many things can be used if you don’t have exactly what you need – the recycling bin is always a good place to start. Have fun!