Fundraising Progress

During the last few months the Hall Redevelopment Team have been busy preparing funding bids and submitting them to a variety of trusts and foundations. To date, twenty one bids have gone through this process and we are pleased to announce that we have had some significant success. We have had five firm pledges of money amounting to £144,500 and these are shown below:

  • Leeds Community Foundation (Jimbo’s Fund): £100,000
  • The Flair Foundation: £15,000
  • Garfield Weston Foundation: £20,000
  • Beatrice Laing Trust: £5,000
  • All Churches Trust: £4,500

If we take into account the money from recent church asset sales of £150,000 that has been pledged by St Mary’s PCC, at this time we have £294,500 towards the project.

We are awaiting responses from 12 trusts so we are hopeful that we will receive further pledges of money. In addition, there are around a dozen further trusts that we will approach during the next month or two.

The team also have plans to seek support for the project from businesses in the Halton, Whitkirk, Colton and Thorpe Park areas.

The total estimated project cost is £434,000 so we still have £139,500 to raise and we will need every assistance possible to achiev4 this.

How Can I Contribute?

If you would like to support us in this community project please visit our donation page, or look out for a leaflet Hall Redevelopment Appeal that will be available in the Hall and church.

If you have any questions please speak directly to any members of the Hall Redevelopment team who are:

Trevor Sirrell, Mike Jackson, Tony Bond, Revd. Matthew Peat, Revd. Alison Battye, Janet Blenkinsop, Liz Hayes and Shelagh Freer.

On behalf of the Parochial Church Council, St Mary’s Church Whitkirk.