If you’ve never been to Church before, it can be an intimidating place with new people and a way things are done which is unfamiliar.

At Whitkirk we want everybody to feel welcome, no matter if you’ve attended Church all your life or never even set foot in one before. As part of this, we’ve put together a short set of videos to explain a bit more about what to expect, how some things are done, and the significance of them to Christians.

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[restab title=”Welcome to Whitkirk” active=”active”]

A quick welcome from our Vicar, explaining what happens as you step through the door at Whitkirk, including things like when we sit and stand.

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[restab title=”Baptism”]

What is baptism, and why is it important to Christians?

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[restab title=”Communion”]

An explanation of what happens during the taking of Communion, what it means, and how to receive Communion or a blessing if you want to but never have before.

Watch the Video Read more about Communion before Confirmation

[restab title=”Children”]

Children are always welcome at Whitkirk, and are able to take part in the services. During Communion children may receive a blessing if you as a parent want them to, or once baptised may receive Communion itself.

Watch the Video Read more about Children & Youth