1. Think before you buy: gold does not always glitter brightly. A new £500 gold necklace has a carbon emissions tag of 400kg CO2e, the mining process damages landscapes, ecosystems and contaminates water, and can be associated with human rights violations.
  2. Think before you buy: the manufacture of a new car uses a lot of energy and resources which generate 6 tonnes CO2e for a small vehicle (more than half your total year’s carbon budget), 17 tonnes for an estate car and up to 35 tonnes for a top of the range Discovery Land Rover.
  3. Buy local and in season produce and look forward to seasonal changes. For example a punnet of strawberries flown in or grown locally in a hothouse in winter has a 1.8kg CO2e emissions cost. Whereas locally grown in the UK in summer its only 0.15kg a punnet.
  4. Do you really need a new computer, laptop or phone? Manufacturing new goods has a high environmental cost. A new laptop has a carbon footprint of 200kg and a high end desk top 800kg CO2e.
  5. Think ahead to Christmas! How can you show love in your gift giving without costing the earth? Discuss having a Secret Santa or a price limit with family members, choose small thoughtful presents, or hand make gifts.