Our Commemorative Edition is a piece of history, and we want to make sure as many people as possible get the chance to see it. That’s why we’re making free physical copies available at the start of the new year.

There are two ways to get hold of one – you’ll be able to pick one up in person at places across East Leeds, or you can ask for us to put one through your letterbox.

Pick one up in the new year

In January you’ll be able to pick up a free copy at church, as well as in various local shops across East Leeds.

Ask for a posted copy

You can ask for us to send you a free printed copy directly to your home.

If you were a Landmark subscriber in 2020 or have resubscribed for 2021 we’ll be putting a copy through your letterbox anyway, so you don’t need to ask for one.

Physical copies are subject to availability and your distance from us, and delivery of physical copies is always dependent on local COVID restrictions.

We’ll only use your address for the purpose of delivering a copy of the Landmark Commemorative Edition, and once we’ve done that we’ll delete your information. All personal information is stored in accordance with our privacy & data policy.