Every night when darkness falls the beautiful church of St Mary’s, Whitkirk is lit up for a time, and becomes a striking sight against the night sky. Those lights speak too of the hope of the Christian faith; of light triumphing over darkness.

The lights were originally installed in memory of a beloved member of the Church family after her tragic death. Since then the lights have been enhanced, and over the years the cost of their upkeep has largely been met by donors sponsoring the lights for a night in memory of someone they love.

Wednesday 15 May

  • St Mary's is lit for Laura Hope

Sunday 26 May

  • St Mary's lighting is sponsored by Marjorie Bond

Monday 10 June

  • St Mary's is lit for Jan Speight

You can sponsor our lighting for a night in memory of someone with a donation of at least £5, which helps to cover the cost of running and maintaining our floodlighting.

Donate without a dedication

If you’d like to make a donation to support our church lighting without a dedication, you can make either a one-off or recurring donation here.