The Meeting Place is a new way to worship at St Mary’s. All are welcome to share in a journey through a particular theme, ending with the breaking of bread and drinking of wine.

The service is designed to be truly all-age, with elements to appeal to anyone wherever they are in their journey of faith or life. A creche is provided for any really little ones who aren’t quite ready to engage fully – but children from primary age upwards should feel comfortable exploring the themes of the service, whilst for those a little (or a lot!) older there is plenty to make them think.

The Wedding at Cana

What does it mean to be transformed by God? That was the question at the heart of the second Meeting Place, the new style of eucharistic worship at St Mary’s. The sun was shining and the bucks fizz flowing to celebrate the wedding feast at which Jesus’ ministry was begun, with water transformed into wine.

As the congregation entered the church, there was a dramatic re-enactment of the Gospel: a wedding party in full swing, when suddenly – there’s no more wine! Jesus steps in to save the day (what could be more embarrassing as a host than running out of wine?) with not only a miracle of transformation – but the new wine was better than the wine they had beforehand.

In the service there was a chance to reflect on God’s transformation in our own lives, using the themes of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Reducing by God removing that which gets in the way of his love; God reusing us and our skills for another purpose; and Recycling by our faith changing as we grow and develop.

Floating candles were lit and placed in the water of the font as we summed up our discussions in prayer, before gathering together around the altar to celebrate the Eucharist in bread and wine.

Then it was back outside into the glorious summer sunshine to enjoy the party atmosphere of a Sunday afternoon together.

The Meeting Place truly is worship like no other – familiar yet different, comfortable yet challenging. Join us next time as we explore the parable of the Workers in the Vineyard in October!