The Meeting Place is a brand new Eucharistic gathering in St Mary’s Church Hall. All are welcome to share in a journey through a particular theme, ending with the breaking of bread and drinking of wine.

The service is designed to be truly all-age, with elements to appeal to anyone wherever they are in their journey of faith or life. A creche is provided for any really little ones who aren’t quite ready to engage fully – but children from primary age upwards should feel comfortable exploring the themes of the service, whilst for those a little (or a lot!) older there is plenty to make them think.

Rather than being in the Church, the service takes place in the hall to give it an entirely different feel. This is a unique and immersive way to worship with a chance not only to observe and listen, but to engage and get to grips with the theme.

The first Meeting Place will be held on 22nd April at 16.00, exploring the Prodigal Son, one of the parables of Jesus. There will be refreshments provided.

The son who was lost has returned – will you come and join the party?