Friday 19th – Sunday 21th July 2019

Hello & Welcome

We all like a bargain. We like to think we’ve got a good deal. Whether it’s buying a new car, wine, washing powder or a cheap train ticket. But I guess we all recognise too that some things are beyond price. The love we know. The kindness we encounter. The faith we have. Jesus was a great storyteller. He told stories that spoke into peoples lives and made them think about who they were, what was important to them and who they wanted to be.

In one story, or parable as they are called, he said “God’s kingdom is like a jewel merchant on the hunt for excellent pearls. Finding one that is flawless, he immediately sells everything and buys it.” Day by day, week by week at St. Mary’s we seek to meet, know and follow that flawless pearl we know as Jesus. We encounter him when we worship, when we sing and pray but also when we come together as his people in Colton and Whitkirk.

We hope you will come and share in a weekend we have entitled Ancient and Modern. A priest has been here since 1185, but here we proclaim a faith that had its foundation over 2000 years ago, yet it is still modern, still relevant, still matters. Come and join us, and if you have an eye for a bargain – you’ll see all the events are free. I look forward to seeing you.

Matthew Peat, Vicar

What Happened?

The weekend was packed full of activities for all ages, where people could attend as many or as few as they felt like.

Friday 19th

7.30 pmSongs & Pies & Peas

A collection of songs selected by members of the community, along with some explanations of why those songs have been chosen.

Once the singing is over, it’s time to head to the Community Centre for pie and peas, and a chance to join our regular Thank God It’s Friday group relaxing with a drink from the bar.

Saturday 20th

10.00 amYoung & Old Over 60s Club

Our young people have a range of activities and entertainment planned in the Community Centre, bringing a whole new slant on entertainment for the elderly!

Food and refreshments will be available along with transport for those that need it – see for details.

2.00 pmFamily & Fun & Games

An action-packed afternoon of activities with food and refreshments in-between.

This event is designed for the whole family with something for everyone, so come along and join in!

6.30 pmFilm & Pizza for Everyone

A special showing of The Miracle Maker which will include making your own pizza to eat through the film.

9.00 pmFilm & Pizza

A film aimed for the later evening, including DIY pizza making to enjoy through the show.

This event will run into the activities in the church. Don’t worry if you don’t want to join the sleep-over; just like the pizza you can mix and match – it’s your choice.

11.30 pmLoud & Quiet

Into the church for a noisy welcome, followed by some quieter reflection and wrapping up the evening with a sleep-over.

Sunday 21st

8.00 amBreakfast & The Bible & The Bishop

Come along and kick-start your morning with a delicious breakfast and enjoy some thoughts on a Bible passage with Bishop Paul.

10.00 amBread & Wine at the Morning Service

A morning service of worship led by the Bishop of Kirkstall.

Throughout the service we’ll be saying prayers for the community.

12.00 pmGrilling Burgers & The Bishop

Join us for tea and coffee on the lawn, a free barbecue with all the favourites, a drink at the bar and the chance to grill the Bishop.

No, really. Ask him any question you want – the hotter the better!

Let’s talk

If you’d like to find out more about what happened in Ancient & Modern you can get in touch with us.

Request a prayer.

Throughout the weekend we prayed for the local community and people in it.

If you would like us to pray for you, someone you know or a cause dear to you then you can still visit and let us know.