The Whitkirk Weekly Pound
Just £1 Extra Per Week!

Parish At Risk Of Meeting Share Target!

St Mary's Church

Following two years of increased focus on regular giving St Mary’s Church, Whitkirk is now on the cusp of being able to meet its Parish Share obligations for the first time since the 1990s. Current giving commitments from the 153 households committed to the planned giving scheme will cover 86% of the current year’s Parish Share. The PCC Giving Team calculate the current shortfall could be bridged by each of those households increasing their giving by just £1 per week.

New Givers Really Welcome

The door is always open for anyone not currently part of the planned giving scheme to sign up and make a regular financial commitment to help St Mary’s deliver its key aim to be a place in the community where everyone finds a welcome and is nurtured in their journey with Christ. Planned giving helps St Mary’s to plan ahead with confidence safe in the knowledge that all activities are affordable. So if you’re not currently part of the scheme please do think and pray about this and if you want to learn more speak to Matthew or our Gift Aid Officer Shelagh Freer. Please be assured any contributions are managed with total confidentiality.

Parish Share? What’s That?

This is the amount St Mary’s and all other Parishes are asked to contribute to the Diocese each year to cover its running costs. Around 90% of the share received by the Diocese is used to pay for clergy; including stipends, pensions, housing, council tax, training etc. That leaves around 10% that is used for a combination of diocesan administration and contributions to the General Synod for National Church responsibilities. With such a significant amount used to cover clergy costs the simple fact is a reduction in Share income will inevitably result in fewer clergy.

What’s a Pound?

Obviously not quite what it was 10 years ago but to put into a bit of perspective the following cost around £1:

  • A Daily Newspaper (Afraid your Sunday one will likely set you back a bit more…)
  • Couple of pints of milk
  • Bottle of pop
  • Couple of packets of crisps

Just a pound a week will do it!

Doesn’t sound much does it? But if everyone currently signed up to the planned giving scheme was able to contribute £1 per week extra then St Mary’s is likely to be able to meet its Parish Share commitment.

Please take some time in the week to think and pray about the life and work of St Mary’s and how your financial contribution can help us to do God’s work right here in Whitkirk.