The Parochial Church Council meets regularly throughout the year to discuss and make decisions on all kinds of issues relating to the Church at Whitkirk.

We think it’s essential that the parish know what their PCC is talking about, which is why we’ll be sharing these updates after each meeting. We won’t go into the nitty-gritty details of what we discussed but will give you an overview and a summary of decisions. This is a summary of the meeting held on 16 November.

  • We decided to reintroduce the Common Cup from Advent Sunday, with it being made clear that people do not have to take part if they do not feel comfortable.
    • This decision has been temporarily paused due to the latest infection rates and emergence of a new variant of concern.
  • We made some updates to the contract for maintaining the Church’s grounds, increasing fees in line with inflation and clarifying how often we review things.
  • We agreed to invest in some new secured equipment storage.
  • The Church’s finance team gave us an update on our income and expenditure, along with some estimates and targets for the year ahead.
  • Updated text for our new Environmental Policy was proposed and approved, and this policy has been adopted by the PCC.
  • We heard an update from our safeguarding officer about adopting the latest version of our Safeguarding Policy, and on some updated training which PCC members must complete.
  • We looked at an updated structure for the PCC and its various subgroups, and continued to work towards a revised structure following the upheaval of the pandemic.
  • We discussed upcoming events and courses.
  • A note of thanks was discussed and agreed on for West Yorkshire Police for their assistance with road closures for this year’s Act of Remembrance.
  • Thanks were passed on to members of the PCC and congregation who have donated items towards the Christmas “Not Just A Coffee Morning” raffle and stalls.

If you have any comments, or if you’d like to raise an issue for the PCC or one of its committees to discuss, then please let us know!