Matthew talks about reintroducing the Common Cup to our worship at St Mary’s

From Advent Sunday (Sunday 28 November) we’ll be reintroducing the Common Cup at Whitkirk. This means that if you want to you’ll be able to take communion in both kinds – both bread and wine – as part of taking communion during our services.

If you’d like to take communion in both kinds, we’d appreciate it if you could mention this to one of our stewards so that we can consecrate the right amount. Don’t worry if you forget, this is just to help us get a better idea of numbers.

If you’d still rather take communion in one kind only, you can continue to do so and this is still considered by the Church of England to be taking communion in full. All you need to do is take the bread as you usually would, and then return to your seat.

You are free to start or stop taking communion in both kinds whenever you want. As with all changes to our worship during the pandemic, we’re keeping a close eye on things like infection rates as we make our decisions, and we may make further changes in the future.