Ukraine Crisis Appeal

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine is threatening the lives and livelihoods of civilians across the country, with over a million people already having fled their homes.

Christian Aid are working with partner organisations to offer assistance, and their website offers several ways you can help ranging from donations through prayer to writing to your elected representatives.

Lent Course 2022: The Screwtape Letters

Thursdays in Lent, continuing 10 March at 7.30 pm
The Smeaton Room, Whitkirk Community Centre

This year’s Lent Course explores our lives and faith through C.S. Lewis’ classic book ‘The Screwtape Letters’. First published in 1941, this collection of letters from a senior devil to his nephew providing advice on leading his assigned human astray, is still witty, readable, and recognisable. Over six weeks we’re reading passages from the book alongside scripture, and discussing and learning together.

You do not need to have read the whole book beforehand, and the relevant extracts will be provided for you at each session. However, we recommend you do read it if you can, if for no other reason than it’s a fantastic book! It is still in print today and is also easy to find second hand.

Messy Church

Next Sunday 13 March at 4.00 pm
Whitkirk Community Centre

Worship for all ages, starting with drinks, a snack and activities in the Community Centre and finishing with an informal act of worship in the church.

Join us after the service for refreshments

You are warmly invited to join us after the service for refreshments in our Community Centre.

We recommend you wear a face covering whilst moving around the building if you are able.

The Church family

For your prayers

The sick

  • Pat Hyde
  • Ginny Camponi
  • Tom Heaphy
  • Alan Cross
  • Christine Oates
  • Jeff Blowers
  • Sharon Clarke
  • Beryl Laverick
  • Shane Simpson

Those in long-term care

  • Mary Metcalfe
  • Doreen Haw
  • Margaret Burton
  • George Brown
  • Jennifer Moad
  • Mavis Cross

Anniversary of death

  • Nelson Sandham
  • Bert Howe
  • Tom Perry
  • Mildred Lidster