The organ was built by Abbott & Smith of Leeds in 1931 and sited in the upper part of the tower arch on a specially constructed loft supported by pillars and enclosed in a latticed oak case designed by Sir Walter Tapper. Today it continues to be used in our regular services, as well as at events such as weddings and musical recitals.

All of the organ pipes were new in 1931 except for the diapason ranks which were retained from an earlier instrument built by Radcliffe & Sagar of Leeds in 1869.

In 1982 J. T. Jackson & Son of Leeds installed a new console with electro-pneumatic action, a new electric blower and new ranks of pipes. The organ underwent a major rebuild in 2010 with work carried out by J. M. Spink of Leeds and this included repairs to the bellows, wind regulator, drawstop mechanisms, soundboards and the electrical systems as well as the refurbishment of the drawstop motors and the manual under-actions.

If you’re interested in hearing recordings of the pipe organ, you can buy our published recordings.

You can read more about the organ, including some more technical details, on the National Pipe Organ Register.