How we collect data

At various times, especially when organising events such as baptisms, weddings and funerals, the Church may ask to collect various details from you. These are always relevant and necessary, and we are always happy to explain exactly how we store and use your information.

As part of this you may be asked if you want to receive ongoing communication from the Church — we do our best to keep these messages relevant, and you are always free to say no or to opt out at any time.

What we use it for

Your details will be used for the purposes they are provided. We do lots of things, but examples are contacting you about a specific event, maintaining the parish’s Electoral Roll, claiming Gift Aid, delivering the Parish Magazine, keeping in touch with regular messages, sharing important information if you volunteer to help in the Parish, as part of receiving Holy Communion at home or as part of booking the Church or Community Centre for an event. Sometimes we may hold details from you for several things at once.

Whenever you give us permission to keep in touch you can always choose what you’re interested in hearing about and how you’re happy to be contacted. You can also change this permission and opt out at any time.

We may use some of your details in an anonymous fashion to help give us a better picture of people in the Parish, for example by looking at the age range of people attending services. These anonymous details may be shared with other organisations as part of the running of the Church and its projects.

Who can see your data

We will never give or sell any information about you to any other organisation for the purposes of marketing, nor will we share your information with any company or organisation which will pass your information on to anybody else without your explicit permission.

As part of the administration of the Church we will share your data with ChurchApp Ltd, where it will be stored securely. If you have opted in to receiving some of our regular communications, selected information may be shared with MailChimp (your name and email address) and TextLocal (your name and mobile telephone number).

We may choose to work with other companies or organisations to help us achieve our goals, and part of this work may involve sharing your information. We will, however, always ensure that they strictly use your data on our behalf and do not use it for their own purposes.

Changing, viewing and removing your data

You can change your details, see information we hold about you, and ask us to remove the information at any time. To do any of these things, please email us at [email protected].

Updating this policy

We may amend or update this policy at any time, but these changes can never overrule your rights to be informed about how we use your information and to give your consent. For example, we might update the list of companies we share information with as part of the day-to-day running of the Church, but we cannot change our policy to suddenly allow us to send you a monthly newsletter without you opting in.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this policy, or anything to do with how we handle your data, you can always email our Data Protection Officer at [email protected].

Policy last updated 10 December 2018 — Updated the name of the Community Centre, updated the title of the Data Protection Officer to match other documentation.