We know how sometimes the week can be exhausting and it can be difficult to find time to collect your thoughts and pray. That’s why we’ve set aside three times for daily prayers, on a Monday and Thursday at 5.00 pm, and on a Wednesday at 9.00 pm. Each gathering takes about 15 minutes and offers a time to hear a reading for the day, to contemplate, and to offer our prayers.

How to join us


Visit this web page any time from 4.45 pm on Tuesdays, 8.45 pm on Wednesdays, or from 4.45 pm on Thursdays to join us online.

In person

You are welcome to join us in person in the church for prayers starting at 5.00 pm on Tuesdays.

Download the app

We use the words from the Time to Pray app from the Church of England. This is a free app available for your smartphone.

You can also buy the book if you would rather follow a printed copy.

Asking for prayers

If you’d like us to pray for someone or something in particular, please mention it in the chat. Remember that this is public, so please don’t share anything personal or which may cause people embarrassment. You might want to ask us to pray for “all those in hospital”, or “all those who have recently suffered a loss”, for example.

If you’re in the church with us, you can mention anything you want us to pray for when you arrive.

House rules

Prayer is a time for focus, and we ask that you follow these few rules whilst with us, especially whilst online.

  • Keep your microphone muted unless you’ve been asked to speak.
  • Keeping your camera on is your choice, but if you do please try to keep distractions in the background to a minimum.