The ancient office of Compline, also known as Night Prayer, derives its name from the Latin word ‘completorium’ meaning ‘completion’ and is a short service of quiet contemplation for the end of the day.

Compline by Candlelight takes place at St Mary’s on the first Tuesday of the month (except in August). It begins at 8.30pm with a devotional address and is followed at 8.40pm by the office of Compline, a twenty minute service comprising a mix of prayers, music and silence. The hymn, psalm, canticle and responses are sung to plainchant led by members of St Mary’s Church Choir.

To get a flavour of the evening please listen to the edited highlights of a recent service.

Please check the Parish Calendar for confirmation of the service dates and times.

Please Note:-  The office of Compline on Tuesday 2nd April 2019 will begin at 8.45pm.