First Sunday of the Month

Experience Choral Evensong in the stunning surroundings of St Mary’s Church, Whitkirk.

The liturgy of Choral Evensong was first written down in 1549 in Archbishop Cranmer’s Book of Common Prayer. The service is a combination of two of the seven offices (or services) that made up the daily round of monastic prayer, namely the evening offices of Vespers and Compline. Choral Evensong is a beautiful service and its 470-year old choral music tradition gives a powerful sense of connecting the present with the past.

Choral Evensong at St Mary’s Whitkirk takes place on the first Sunday of the month at 6.00pm. The service includes three hymns, two lessons (a reading from the Old Testament and a reading from the New Testament), a sermon and prayers. The choir sing a psalm, an anthem and a choral setting of the evening canticles – Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis.

The canticles are sung to a different music setting each month. The following settings are sung at St Mary’s Whitkirk:

  • Brewer in E♭
  • Dyson in F
  • Harwood in A♭
  • Ilorio (plainsong with fauxbourdons)
  • Moeran in D
  • Morley (plainsong with fauxbourdons)
  • Noble in B minor
  • Stanford in B♭
  • Stanford in C
  • Willan in E♭

There are light refreshments in church after Evensong.

All welcome.

Up to date details of all the choral music to be sung at services at St Mary’s may be found on the ‘Choral Services’ page of this website, and also on our page at Choral Evensong.

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