It’s been a while in the making, but St Mary’s Church Whitkirk Community Centre is thrilled to share the news that it’s now (at least partially) powered by the sun.

Thanks to the combination of a generous legacy left to the Church, combined with grant funding, the new solar panels will generate an estimated 6,900kWh of electricity every year – that’s enough to fully recharge 150 electric cars, completely meet the electricity needs of two and a half houses, or make a whopping 200,000 cups of tea!

The system – installed by local firm Leeds Solar – also includes a battery which will soak up any excess power generated during the day and then release it at night.

By combining the solar panels and battery with information from the National Grid, the Community Centre is also helping to build a more resilient and lower-carbon electricity supply for the whole area. 

All together it’s estimated that the system will not only save the Church around £2,500 a year which can be put back into the local community, but will also prevent over a tonne of carbon being added to the atmosphere.