Noah and the Ark

Things to do

Make a rainbow

Can you make a rainbow? What did you use to make it? Which colours can you see?

Grown-ups: You’ll need some paper and some coloured paints, crayons, chalks, pencils or felt-tips.

Make a mask

What’s your favourite animal? Can you make an animal mask?

Grown-ups: You’ll need some paper or thin card, a hole punch, some coloured pencils or felt-tips, and some string, wool or thread. For ideas and printable masks, click here.

Colouring in

Get a grown up to print out a picture of Noah and his Ark, then colour it in!

Grown-ups: You’ll need a printer, and some coloured crayons, pencils or felt-tips. Click here to download a picture to colour in.

The Bible

The story of Noah and the Ark comes from Genesis 6.