The Well of Life

‘Take care that you do not forget the Lord’ wrote the author of Deuteronomy but if we’re honest we sometimes do.

We live as though we are the centre of the world. As though we can manage perfectly well thank you very much, we forget who and what we are made for.

One way we counter our forgetfulness is through worship, what we are about this evening when we deliberately stepping into that place where we remember who we are.

When we remember that the God whom we worship is the God of all things, who we are to worship and adore in all times and seasons, good and bad.

Even those times when we want to tell God to get lost, we come and through worship remember who we are, remember amidst the frustrations and sadness’s of life that we are but dust.

The psalm for this evening, 36, captures something of the paradox of what it is to be human.

On the one hand it speaks of self-deception and guile ‘Sin whispers to the wicked, in the depths of their heart; there is no fear of God before their eyes.’ 

And on the other speaks of how though we may strive to deceive ourselves, we cannot deceive God and in him we find life. ‘With you is the well of life and in your light shall we see light.’

Super words those, likening a well, a place where life giving water is found with what happens when we don’t forget the Lord. I shall return to that image a bit later.

Water and life is also picked up in other verses of the psalm, reminding us that with God we shall ‘drink from the rivers of your delights.

So my friends ‘take care you do not forget the Lord.’

But how do we do that amidst so many demands, people to see and places to be and so many other supposedly more exciting things to do? Continue reading “The Well of Life”