Weeknotes: Sunday 18 April

This has been a pretty uneventful week for the tech team, as we’ve focussed on building on last week’s fix for some connectivity problems.

A new router

We’ve switched our existing combination modem/router which connects the Community Centre to the internet into ‘bridge mode’, so it acts exclusively as a modem. To provide routing across our internal network, we’ve added a new, dedicated router.

This brings us a few extra goodies, such as better remote administration, better controls over how we handle data from various devices, and the ability for us to remotely connect to the Church’s network to perform maintenance and diagnose faults from anywhere.

Access point controller

To boost the reliability and flexibility of our wifi networks in the church we’ve added an access point controller, which lets us treat our entire wifi estate as one single managed entity. This helps give us a better image of how things are behaving, which is important as we encourage people to use their own devices to access the order of service.

Weeknotes: Sunday 11 April

After the busyness of Holy Week, what have the tech team been up to?

New PC for the tech desk

Since the beginning of the first lockdown, way back in March last year, every service we’ve streamed has involved some element of borrowed equipment.

This week we finally installed the last piece of the puzzle to allow services to be entirely streamed using our own gear – a small PC that lets the technician manage some of the more advanced features of our video mixer, start and stop the stream, keep an eye on our infrastructure, play audio files and more.

Because we love automation this PC has been hooked into our existing user and device management system, seamlessly setting up user accounts and configuring security policies.

Recording the services

We’ve attached a high-speed disk to the video mixer, so we can directly record services in high quality. In the past we’ve always had to include an extra step in our process to record services, so this not only simplifies our own content pathways for things we do with recordings (like pulling out service audio to deliver via phones and podcasts) and adds certainty that we get a good recording, but also gives us the possibility of offering video recordings of services such as weddings.

Improving the connectivity to the church

Following a particularly bad spell of connectivity which affected our streaming, we spent some time finding and fixing the problem.

Weeknotes: Sunday 4 April

What have the technology team been up to in the last week?


Pretty much the entire week has been taken up with supporting our Easter worship, in a mix of live-streamed and pre-recorded services.

More interestingly, these services have included some new tricks:

Pre-recorded content

We’ve mixed pre-recorded content into a live stream before, but this week we saw the inclusion of pre-recorded content which was also watchable by people in the church via a temporary video screen. Although we don’t have any plans to do this kind of thing in future once we return to in-person worship, it’s been useful to prove we can use more flexible video paths.

‘Roving’ cameras

To add a bit of variation to the week, we made use of a portable camera rig to include a moving camera both inside and outside the building.

This suffered a few quality glitches we weren’t entirely happy about, but nonetheless added a new, more inclusive angle on what was happening, particularly the parts of services that would traditionally be a procession like Palm Sunday.

Fixing the phones

We were made aware of an outage to our Dial-A-Service phone system, which we investigated and fixed.

Weeknotes: Saturday 27 March 2021

It’s been a busy week as we get ready for Holy Week. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

The Passion

The tech team helped record and edit together the annual dramatic reading of the Passion, with the talents of Whitkirk Arts Guild.

A new clock

Although the tech desk at the back of the church has a radio-controlled clock, the vestry (where people like the clergy and servers get ready for the service) at the front of the church only had one clock. Matthew has spoken about this clock in one of our Midweek Musings, and although it’s a beautiful timepiece it’s tucked in a corner, hard to read at a glance, and doesn’t keep great time.

To fix this we swapped a thermometer that was hanging above the sink for a large digital clock. It’s radio-controlled (like the one on the tech desk) so we never have to worry about it being fast or slow, or adjusting it for daylight savings. It tells us the date, which is always useful when filling out paperwork. It even tells us the temperature so we don’t need to struggle to read a mercury thermometer any more.

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Weeknotes: Saturday 20 March 2021

Bits and pieces the technical team here at Whitkirk have been up to in the past week.


The last bits of our cameras project were installed on Tuesday this week. Read all about it in our blog post.

A bit of title card fun

Closely related to the cameras project, we needed to create some title cards to display before and after a service. We also threw together a test card, inspired by the famous Test Card F and made possible by this little project.

An image of a television test card with a line drawing of St Mary's Church in the middle. The text reads "please stand by".
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Weeknotes: Saturday 13 March 2021

What have the tech team been doing this week?

Fitting some monitors

We hooked up two new screens to help us see what we’re doing whilst streaming services and managing the technology within the church building.

Increasing the bus factor

Much of the technology in the church at the moment has been thrown together during lockdown by one person, which has left us with a very low bus factor (the number of people who need to suddenly become unavailable before a project became impossible to continue).

This isn’t a great position to be in, so we spent some time this week filling more people in on the intricacies of systems, and improving some of our documentation.

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Weeknotes: Saturday 6 March 2021

Now that most of the physical work has been done for the cameras project and new desk, what have the tech team at Whitkirk been up to in the last week?

Less power!

We did some more maths on our tech desk’s total estimated power load and refined our numbers downwards. This meant we could swap some of the fuses for something even more conservative, bringing the already small risk of someone overloading the circuit in a dangerous way even lower.

“Il meglio è nemico del bene”

As Voltaire said(1), “perfect is the enemy of good”. The tech team always aim towards perfection, but we take a pragmatic view that most of the time “good enough” really is, and we can make improvements later.

Several years ago, when the Church website was redesigned into its current form, we made one of these “good enough” decisions about the look of our website header images. In doing so, we inadvertently left a bug lying around which would only manifest itself in a specific set of circumstances. Not a totally-breaking-things bug, but one which meant the website didn’t always look quite right. More specifically, if you uploaded an image that was narrower than a 9:2 ratio for the page header then it would be tiled incorrectly and look rubbish.

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1sort of, there was a bit of a translation error

Weeknotes: 27 February 2021

Things the technical team at St Mary’s have been doing or involved with this week.


Our tech desk has plenty of bits of equipment on it which need power, and we’re about to add even more. Up until now, power was distributed through a tangle of extension blocks which would invariably tie themselves in knots.

This was hard to make sense of, and annoying.

So we fixed it, making use of an off-cut from when we built our desk.

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