Things the technical team at St Mary’s have been doing or involved with this week.


Our tech desk has plenty of bits of equipment on it which need power, and we’re about to add even more. Up until now, power was distributed through a tangle of extension blocks which would invariably tie themselves in knots.

This was hard to make sense of, and annoying.

So we fixed it, making use of an off-cut from when we built our desk.


Our Cameras Project kicked off with the installation of cables and two cameras.


We re-aligned the high-speed radio link between our Community Centre and the church building, improving the reliability of our internet connection.


We needed to extend the audio cables which run into our mixer by a short distance, and the easiest way to do it was with a colourful bundle of cables. As a side-effect, our mixer now sports a rainbow.


Keeping things easy to use is something we’re big fans of, so we stripped all the old labels off our audio mixer (some printed, some hand-written, some very old, and some just plain wrong) and replaced them with shiny new ones.


Due to an old (but at the time entirely sensible) decision made when our audio system was installed, our CD player was connected such that it played sound in the church building, but this wasn’t available on the output we use to stream our services.

Fortunately the fix only needed a couple of adapters, so now next time we’re playing music in church from a CD (which most commonly happens at services like funerals) it can make it into the streaming mix as crystal-clear sound, instead of being picked up by our microphones.