What have the technology team been up to in the last week?


Pretty much the entire week has been taken up with supporting our Easter worship, in a mix of live-streamed and pre-recorded services.

More interestingly, these services have included some new tricks:

Pre-recorded content

We’ve mixed pre-recorded content into a live stream before, but this week we saw the inclusion of pre-recorded content which was also watchable by people in the church via a temporary video screen. Although we don’t have any plans to do this kind of thing in future once we return to in-person worship, it’s been useful to prove we can use more flexible video paths.

‘Roving’ cameras

To add a bit of variation to the week, we made use of a portable camera rig to include a moving camera both inside and outside the building.

This suffered a few quality glitches we weren’t entirely happy about, but nonetheless added a new, more inclusive angle on what was happening, particularly the parts of services that would traditionally be a procession like Palm Sunday.

Fixing the phones

We were made aware of an outage to our Dial-A-Service phone system, which we investigated and fixed.