A pretty quiet week, perhaps surprisingly given that this week saw a huge change in Coronavirus regulations.

Moving microphones. Again.

We shifted our choir microphones forwards, to pick up our newly expanded cohort of singers. Picking up and distinguishing the many sources of sound in our building can be tricky, so we’re constantly reviewing how all our microphone arrangements work.

Getting the video where it needs to be

Last week we did a lot of work to install camera equipment in the tower. This week, we started working on things to display the video where it’s needed.

We’ve got a couple of Raspberry Pi miniature computers which are perfect for this kind of thing, so we installed some software called VLC on one, which can connect to the video streams from the cameras.

A small video screen showing a live video stream from the belfry. On screen are three hung bells.

On the day this will be on a much larger screen, but everything in testing worked exactly as planned.