Advent is a time for looking forward, but it’s also a time for taking stock and reflecting. Given it’s the end of the year, it’s also a great time for us to do some maths and figure out the environmental impact of our service streaming.

In the last year, people watched around 3,200 hours of video on our YouTube channel. Streaming an hour of video online causes around 36g of CO2 emissions. This means our streaming was responsible for around 0.12 tonnes of carbon emissions.

We’re committed to reducing our impact (in fact, the PCC recently approved a whole new policy and strategy on it), so we decided to offset these emissions. Unfortunately, the company we use for offsetting can only offset in minimums of half a tonne at a time. So we decided to round up, and offset a full tonne to make sure we were also mopping up streaming from 2020 which wasn’t included in the total, as well as cover any unaccounted-for costs in equipment purchases (where we’ve previously offset larger items, but not some consumables).

Next, we counted up the number of likes which people had given our content in the last year – 153 overall – and we’ve funded the planting of a tree for each one, which you can see in our forest. These trees will continue to absorb carbon into the future, as well as boost the local ecosystem.

We hope to repeat this exercise every year, not only making streaming our services carbon negative, but helping to build greener future for everyone.

You can read more about our commitment to the environment, and discover what else we’re doing across the Church.