The period of Ordinary Time between Trinity Sunday and Advent is pretty empty in the Church calendar… but for the tech team it’s a chance to get on with all kinds of bits and pieces.

We automated the notices

Over the past few months, we’ve been progressively automating more of the things which happen every week in an easily repeatable way. The latest thing to be taken over by the computer is the process of generating our weekly notices both for our website and email.

We’ve had fibre installed

As part of our plans for continuous improvement, we’ve had fibre-optic internet fitted to the Community Centre. This gives us slightly higher speeds than before, but more importantly it offers improved reliability, future-proofing and scope for further improvement if needed.

Better continuity and disaster planning

Nobody likes thinking about things going wrong, but we’ve spent some time figuring out how we can improve the tech team’s resiliency in a number of situations.