Oops: Audio issues during service

In this morning’s service, the sound quality at the beginning of the service wasn’t up to our usual standard. This blog post takes a quick look at what happened, why it happened, why we didn’t catch it sooner, what we did to fix it, and how we’re making sure it doesn’t happen again.

What happened?

Just after the service started, some of our viewers reported that the sound was “choppy” or “bumpy”. Thanks to those who let us know – as you’ll read later without this feedback we wouldn’t have known there was a problem.

This problem only affected the service when we were using our wide-angle camera; when we switched to the lectern camera the problem disappeared.

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Weeknotes: 13 February 2021

Here’s what the technical team at Whitkirk has been up to in the past week.

Church audio system

We’ve been investigating how the audio system in the church is currently set up, and where we can make improvements. There are some quick wins, some tweaks which require a bit more work, and some long-term changes which we’ll need to add to our future plans.

In the short term, we’ll be making some small adjustments to how we mix the audio together to let us include external sources (like CD players or other music) in our online broadcasts. We’ll also be investigating ways we can reposition our ambient microphones to pick of more of the organ and the building itself, and less of the footsteps.

Cameras Project

We’ve done some planning for how we integrate the Cameras Project into our regular worship, particularly thinking about where we locate the camera operator and necessary equipment. We’ve also been thinking about later phases of the project and making sure whatever we do now is ready for the future.

Orders of service

We further refined some of the styles we use for orders of service, which make things easier to read on a wider range of screens.

On the physical front, we’ve done some more fine-tuning of the way we set up our pages to leave things more visually balanced.


We made a raft of improvements and clarifications to our playbook for streaming services, making sure we include a few things which got missed last week (a few eagle-eyed watchers noticed we were slow off the mark in turning the lights on at the start of the service). The list now includes almost double the number of preflight checks as well, particularly around making sure the audio is set as expected.

Our website

We’ve rearranged a couple of things on our home page after some feedback, making it easier to find our Midweek Musings.


We offered a quick bit of advice to another church on accepting online donations and card payments.