The tenth Sunday after Trinity

Sung Eucharist for the tenth Sunday after Trinity

Today at 10.00 am · Watch the service · View the order of service

Other services

Said Eucharist
This Wednesday 16 August at 10.00 am

Matthew's last service at Whitkirk and licensing at Wetherby

Matthew’s last service before he leaves to be the vicar at St James’ in Wetherby will be the 10.00 am Eucharist on Sunday 29 October, and his licensing at Wetherby will be on Thursday 30 November at 7.00 pm.

All are warmly invited to attend either or both services.

Police drop-in

Today at 11.00 am
St Mary's Church Whitkirk Community Centre

Drop in and say hello to our friendly local police team in the Community Centre after our morning service.

Open Church

This Saturday 19 August at 2.00 pm
St Mary's Church, Whitkirk

St Mary’s is open on Saturday afternoons throughout the summer – come and explore the historic building, or sit and enjoy the stillness of this holy place.

Heritage Open Day

Saturday 9 September at 10.00 am
St Mary's Church, Whitkirk

Come and explore the history of our ancient church building, the people who have stepped through its doors and shaped the area, and the items within it.

The Church family

For your prayers

The sick

  • Bob Perkin
  • Brian and June Sutcliffe
  • Christine Russell
  • Dale Bowes
  • Dinesh Shah
  • Erica Honeybone
  • Ginny Camponi
  • Jeff Blowers
  • Joan Williams
  • Mona Illingworth
  • Shane Simpson
  • Tom Heaphy

Those in long-term care

  • George Brown
  • Jennifer Moad
  • Lyn Perry
  • Margaret Burton

Recently died

  • Mary Metcalfe

Anniversary of death

  • Beryl Laverick
  • Elizabeth Walker
  • Felicity Townsley
  • Malcolm Boom