Bits and pieces the technical team here at Whitkirk have been up to in the past week.


The last bits of our cameras project were installed on Tuesday this week. Read all about it in our blog post.

A bit of title card fun

Closely related to the cameras project, we needed to create some title cards to display before and after a service. We also threw together a test card, inspired by the famous Test Card F and made possible by this little project.

An image of a television test card with a line drawing of St Mary's Church in the middle. The text reads "please stand by".

Further refinements to orders of service

Following on from last week’s test runs, we’ve been refining our automatic generation of PDFs for orders of service. More specifically, from the same web-ready order of service text, we can now generate (early, so not yet ready for prime time) versions of:

We’ll be doing some more testing of these in the coming weeks and particularly once we return to regular in-person worship.

We’ll also be rolling out more accessibility tools in our orders of service on the website, giving quick options for things like swapping them to high-contrast, large size, and using the dyslexia-friendly typeface.